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Do you worry that your taxes might not have been completed accurately? The preparation of income tax is a very individualized process. It requires a combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and up to date tax law education to assure you are paying what you owe, not overpaying, and receiving the refund you deserve. Tax preparation is not merely a software program and entering data.

Do you have concerns about your business profitability? Is your business growing but making less profit? Staying on top of your business finances is a critical part of being successful. A good bookkeeper or accountant is essential for day-to-day operations by analyzing financial reports to advise business owners.

Do you have IRS inquiries or concerns?. We help individuals and small businesses manage, reduce, or even eliminate IRS debt. Don’t let a simple question turn into a big problem.

We can help with all of these!!

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Taxes in the age of COVID-19. 

We have implemented multiple ways to complete your tax return or other accounting services safely in this time of Covid.  In-office appointments that are socially distanced with a mask mandate and sanitized after every client. We offer a drop off service and secure electronic document transfer. The Perfect Balance also provides phone and zoom appointments. Please give us a call to discuss our efforts to accurately and efficiently perform all of our clients’ needs in the safest manner possible.